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Using science, not guesswork to improve your game

Matt Bolton, PGA Golf Professional utilises the latest technology to view, analyse and fix your golf swing. FlightScope, SAM PuttLab, SAM BalanceLab and multiple cameras capture your swing or putting stroke from all angles and datasets. This gives you the best analysis of your swing. Matt’s expertise will then provide you with the tools to improve your golf game.

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The best golf lessons on the Mornington Peninsula

Bolton Performance Golf can assist with the development of all facets of your game. Therefore, providing the best golf lessons on the Mornington Peninsula.

You will be able to see exactly what is happening with each element of your swing on the large screens in the academy. Furthermore, being able to view your action makes it much easier to understand the changes required to improve your game. In addition to high speed cameras to record your action, and the Flightscope dopplar radar to give data on your ball flight, there is a Sam Balance Lab which will show you how you transfer your weight during your swing. Therefore, The Bolton Performance Golf coaching academy houses the latest in teaching aids to assist you to improve your game.

Instruction is under the personal supervision of Matt Bolton. Who in addition to being a PGA Member is accredited by the TPI  (Titleist Performance Institute) as a Golf Fitness Instructor and Junior Coach. Matt is also accredited by Science & Motion as a Putting Instructor coupled by accreditation in Boditrak in Golf Ground Mechanics.

There is a dedicated Putting area in the Academy which is fitted out with one of only a handful of Sam Puttlab’s in Australia.

Pitching, Chipping and Bunker instruction is carried out on the Rosebud Country Club practice area. This is where the Bolton Performance Golf Academy is located.

Bolton Performace Golf - Best golf lessons on the Mornington Peneinsula


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